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Give your skin that sun-kissed look

Are you invited to a wedding? Are you going to a party? Whatever the occasion, you might want to give your skin that healthy, sun-kissed summer look. We have a range of tanning beds and spray tan services available to help you achieve that. Our helpful, friendly staff will take care of your tanning needs and make sure the experience is as enjoyable as it is effective.


We have monthly offers on our tanning beds. Give us a ring on 01933 652 186 for more details.

Spray tanning

What you can expect

• Tanning beds

• Spray tanning

• Friendly, competent service

• Monthly offers on our tanning beds

• Competitive prices

Give your skin a summer look. For a range of tanning services, call

01933 652 186

Spray tanning is a great way of achieving the look that you desire. It carries no health risks associated with natural tanning and offers many advantages. It's quick, very effective, allows you to choose exactly the strength you want and carries no risk of skin damage. We offer a range of spray tans to suit your needs and will be happy to help if you have any enquiries.